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I need to display an interactive map with zip codes showing their boundaries and have different colors for the zip codes like this:


Enter in a US zip code and click on "Find Zip code".

Perhaps I am overlooking it, but I've not been to find examples of this and documentation talking about this specifically at Google Maps API documentation. I've trying doing a view source on the above web page link, but it doesn't seem obvious to me how it works. There is also other stuff on the page which I don't know if it's part of what I need or not.

Some simple code examples would be very helpful! Thanks!

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Here is a zipcode map for the US that I put together with FusionTablesLayers:


It doesn't have different colors, but you could change that.

John Coryat made that map using a tile server, you can do the same with Google Maps API v3 custom maps.

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To draw the regions you can use a Polygon from google maps API, but you will need the data of the boundaries of the states or cities or zipcodes you want to draw.

You can use view source in that polygon example, it's very easy if you have Google maps already working you just pass the Polygon Obj an array of LatLng objs and it's done

About the data I think you can find it in a fusion table like this which is for US Zip codes.

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I was having the same issue looking around for a zipcode map I can use on a website. I stumbled on this free project that is a tad slow but fits exactly what I am looking for: http://www.openheatmap.com/

Great for personal use, not so good when displaying to users. If someone was in the same situation as me, I hope this helps them out.

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