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I use for my smal project Java SVNKit (for tagging):

at the moment and its work:

public void copy(String branchName, String dstTag, boolean isMove, String msg) throws SVNException, IOException {
    String finalURL = getSvnUrl() + "tags/" + dstTag;
    URL url = new URL(finalURL);
    String loginPassword = getUsername() + ":" + getPassword();

    String encoded = EncodingUtil.getAsciiString(Base64.encodeBase64(EncodingUtil.getAsciiBytes(loginPassword)));
    URLConnection conn = url.openConnection();
    conn.setRequestProperty("Authorization", "Basic " + encoded);
    HttpURLConnection urlConnect = null;
    try {
        urlConnect = (HttpURLConnection)conn;
        if (urlConnect.getResponseCode() != HttpURLConnection.HTTP_OK) {
            ourClientManager.getCopyClient().doCopy(SVNURL.parseURIDecoded(getSvnUrl() + branchName),
                    SVNRevision.HEAD, SVNURL.parseURIDecoded(finalURL), isMove, msg);
            LOGGER.info("svn-tagging " + dstTag);
        } else
            LOGGER.info(dstTag + " Tag exists.");

    } finally {
        if (urlConnect != null) {

I want to check if tag exists or not and I want to do/use with SVNRepository and SVNClientManager and not HttpURLConnection.HTTP_OK, does anyone have any idea?

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I would use the new 'operations' API:

public static void main(String[] args) throws SVNException {
    final SvnList list = new SvnOperationFactory().createList();
    list.setReceiver(new ISvnObjectReceiver<SVNDirEntry>() {
        public void receive(SvnTarget target, SVNDirEntry object) throws SVNException {
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hi! thanks, but whats new 'operations' API? can you send me please more information? –  Fawi Oct 8 '12 at 13:02
Please have a look at the code snippet, it works as present. –  mstrap Oct 8 '12 at 16:29

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