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I have these tables


User_Id int PK, User_Name varchar(50)


Page_Id int PK, Page_Name varchar(50)


Permission_Id int PK , User_Id int FK, Page_Id int FK, 
Read bit, Write bit, Delete bit


  1. Query to select all from Page plus Read, Write, Delete from Permission of that page according to provided @User_Id.
  2. If @User_Id isn't passed all Pages should be selected with null in Read, Write, Delete.
  3. If provided @User_Id doesn't exists in Permission then Read, Write, Delete should be selected as null.
  4. There may be some case when permission would have records for some but not all pages associated with a user, In that case all records of pages should come up and for those pages which doesn't have associated user_id there should be null in Read, Write, Delete columns.

What I have done is this

declare @User_Id int=null; 

     isnull((select Read from Permission where
         (@User_Id is null OR User_Id = @User_Id ) and 
         (Permission.Page_Id = Page.Page_Id)),0)
         as Read,
     isnull((select Write from Permission where 
         (@User_Id is null OR User_Id = @User_Id) and 
         (Permission.Page_Id = Page.Page_Id)),0) 
         as Write,
     isnull((select Delete from Permission where 
         (@User_Id is null OR User_Id = @User_Id) and 
         (Permission.Page_Id = Page.Page_Id)),0) 
         as Delete,
     isnull((select Export from Permission where 
         (@User_Id is null OR User_Id = @User_Id) and 
         (Permission.Page_Id = Page.Page_Id)), 0) 
         as Export  
    FROM Page

This query works fine and fulfill all requirements but as you can see it has sub queries which I want to eliminate, one option could be sql functions but I want to know if there's some other way to solve this.

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declare @User_Id int=null;

    ISNULL(Read,0) AS Read
    ISNULL(Write,0) AS Write,
    ISNULL(Delete,0) AS Delete,
    ISNULL(Export,0) AS Export
    LEFT JOIN Permission ON Page.Page_ID = Permission.Page_ID AND Permission.User_ID = @User_ID

If you join on the @userID parameter too then when it is null it will not match with any of the rows in Permissions, and therefore your values will be NULL

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Page.User_ID ?? page doesn't have User_ID. –  yogi Oct 8 '12 at 13:13
Sorry typo, i meant permission.user_id. Edited –  Tobsey Oct 8 '12 at 13:19
It worked actually I had placed Permission.User_ID = @User_ID in where clause I guess because of that it didn't worked, Can you explain why it didn't worked in where clause. –  yogi Oct 8 '12 at 13:51
If you put it in WHERE clause then every page record would have joined with every permission record for that page (presumably for the wrong users). If you put it in the JOIN clause you ensure that you only get the permissions relating to both the page and user. By using a LEFT join, you get every page, even if there are no permissions for the userID. If there are no permissions for the userID then the Read, Write etc will return null. If you used an INNER JOIN then the Page records would not be in the results as the join clause would have failed. That OK? –  Tobsey Oct 8 '12 at 13:56

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