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I tried this small example which is working fine but i cant give space in between word which is expected.

   <inputtext width="150"
    pattern="[A-Za-z0-9!@:;#$%\^*()_\-\=+/&amp;,./?&lt;&gt;&quot;&apos;{}[]\\|`~ ]*">
    This text is editable.

But if i give

pattern="[A-Za-z0-9!@:;#$%\^*()_-\=+/&,./?<>"' {}[]\|`~ ]*"

it is showing error.how to include this space in text pattern.plz help....

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You have to use a space character instead of &nbsp; since the space is converted into an &nbsp; only after the text field received the input.


  <inputtext width="150"
    pattern="[A-Za-z0-9 ]*">
    This text is editable.

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