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Really I don't know how to say it as question, but with example it will be clear to everyone, I have data retrieved from MYSQL database sorted by one of columns , my question if one of those values in this column is equal, I need to use another column to set who is show first.

col1 - col2
10 - 100
20 - 120
20 - 140
30 - 90

see here value 20 mentioned twice so I need to show the 20 with 140 before the 20 with 120 using MYSQL Query.

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    Col2 DESC
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I've tried that but still show me wrong sort $sql = "SELECT * FROM users ORDER BY platinum DESC, score"; –  OsaMa Hasan Oct 8 '12 at 13:48
ASC is the default sort order. Your desired results state you want col1 ascending, followed by col2 desc. if col1 = score, you want "SELECT * FROM users ORDER BY score, platinum DESC". if col1 = platinum, you want "SELECT * FROM users ORDER BY platinum, score DESC" –  Tobsey Oct 8 '12 at 13:51
Thanks for reply, yup I must order the two columns in desc order to get the desired output , appreciated you help. –  OsaMa Hasan Oct 8 '12 at 13:58

You can add multiple columns in your order by clause.

select * from your_table
order by col1, col2 desc

The result will be ordered by the first column and if equal by the next and so forth

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You can specify more than one column in the order by clause:

select * from table order by col1, col2;

This will order by col1, then order by col2 when col1 is equal. You can also specify ascending and descending separately for each column:

select * from table order by col1 asc, col2 desc;
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