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I am working with NopCommerce by implementing the payment by credit card.I'm not using plugin but a simple redirect to the page of payment.Payment done then I get redirected to the page\view (http://localhost/Nop240/CreditCardPayment/Result) where I analyze the resultof the transaction reading the url parameters.

In the RouteProvider.cs class i have mapped the return url like this:

routes.MapLocalizedRoute("CreditCardPaymentResult",  "CreditCardPayment/Result/s/{session_id}/s/{codAut}/s/{alias}/s/{orario}/s/{data}/s/{mac}/s/{importo}/s/{cognome}/s/{nazionalita}/s/{pan}/s/{divisa}/s/{email}/s/{scadenza_pan}/s/{esito}/s/{codTrans}/s/{nome}/s/{messaggio}/s/{tipo_servizio}/s/{$BRAND}/", new { controller = "Checkout", action = "CreditCardPaymentResult" }, new[] { "Nop.Web.Controllers" }); 

In the controller i have writen this code

public ActionResult CreditCardPaymentResult(string session_id, string codAut, string alias, string orario, string data, string mac, string importo,                                                    string BRAND, string cognome, string nazionalita, string pan, string divisa, string email, string scadenza_pan,string esito, string codTrans, string nome, string messaggio, string tipo_servizio)

The return url is something like this


the problem is how intercept $BRAND url parameter. Can help me please?

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