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I have a simple interface (Can be touch-based or can be operated by mouse clicks). When I select a text box, a virtual keyboard should pop up. I have done a little digging, and xvkbd looks nice. X11 is the only dependency, which is fine! However, I do not want to install a keyboard in a system and call it issuing commands or set environment variables. I want the keyboard to be a part of the application I make, and it should pop up when I run the application and select a text box, and under no other circumstances. As I gather, coding a virtual keyboard from scratch is not the easiest of tasks. If there is something I could use in my C++ application, it would be really nice. Please advise.

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You could use QX11EmbedContainer, if you have access to Qt. If not, you can embed the xvkbd's window yourself (see here how).

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Check matchbox-keyboard, it should do what you need with gtk.

Taken from its README


You can embed matchbox-keyboard into other applications with toolkits that support the XEMBED protocol ( GTK2 for example ).

See examples/matchbox-keyboard-gtk-embed.c for how its done.

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Thanks for the nice comment! However, there seem to be many complications regarding this keyboard. I posted a question on it here and I hope I get an answer soon! – Subhamoy Sengupta Oct 9 '12 at 14:22

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