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So the basis of my question is this:

Oddly enough, google's own tutorials show you how you can store geocoded data to a server... (So I'm assuming this is ok to do, long as it's not constant, and say, every few hours, if it hasn't been checked, to check again...) but the problem I have is... when to geocode...

I've been working on a few realtor websites that want some work done and they input their listings individually. Their admin panel is not "publicly" accessible, but it is accessible to them (obviously)... Can I not use a google map in conjunction with geocode to store the location ? or would I have to honesty geocode each time a customer views the page?

Should I simply geocode on the first page load? store the last geocode date/time when the page was viewed (generate the map) and then proceed to cache it for a temporary time?

I've read all the terms, and the odd part is, the terms completely contradict anything that the tutorials offer, and I do not want to over step any bounds (considering this is a legal matter) but it's not like anyone could actually fight against them anyways and win...

So it comes down to... what do I do?

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The SO community continues to mark this type of question off-topic. You are best advised to consult a lawyer for the right answer, rather than to consult a programmer. –  High Performance Mark Oct 8 '12 at 14:02
So this is considered off topic when it clearly relates to the usage of the product... simply because they use a very vague definition in their terms? Wow... That's kind of sad really... –  Roman Lopez Oct 8 '12 at 14:06
Ain't there any legal.stackexchange.com platform to migrate the question instead of closing it? It is actually a very interesting one, and I'm sure quite some people wonder about this (at least all my team). I quite disagree with SO "rules" sometimes ... –  Augustin Riedinger Aug 19 '13 at 15:18

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