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How do I format a number in java?
String.format() to format double in java

I want to be able to take the output from a double variable (called double) and put it in a TextView along with some String text (called outputPref, which just contains "cubic mm") like below

displayAnswer.setText(volume + " " + outputPref);

This works fine, however, the number shows in the TextView as the full double (with many, many decimal places). I want the number to show with comma's splitting the thousands (if there are any) with one decimal place, like the Excel number format "_(* #,##0.0_);_(* (#,##0.0);_(* "-"??);(@_)", or put simply (given I won't have any negative numbers) "#,##0.0"

What is the function I should use to reconfigure the volume double variable before applying it to the TextView?

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String.format("%1$,.2f", myDouble);
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Use this

NumberFormat format = NumberFormat.getInstance();
displayAnswer.setText(format.format(volume)+ " "+outputPref);
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You could round the double number for showing it in the TextView:

double roundTwoDecimals(double d) {
            DecimalFormat twoDForm = new DecimalFormat("#.##");
        return Double.valueOf(twoDForm.format(d));
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Great. What if I want to have a comma seperating each of the thousands -> i.e. instead of roundTwoDecimals() turning 789455.566 into 789455.57 it would turn it into 789,455.57? – Kurt Oct 8 '12 at 13:53

You can set the decimal places with:

DecimalFormat df = new DecimalFormat("#.#");

This will give one decimal place after the whole number, as there is one # symbol after the decimal place.

Then do:

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I hope it will help you


displayAnswer.setText(volume + " " + rountdoubel);
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