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i want to run a existing project.but when i imported the ksoap2-android-assembly-2.6.5-jar-with-dependencies.jar,the error occurred.

import org.ksoap2.transport.AndroidHttpTransport;

i can't find AndroidHttpTransport method in package org.ksoap2.transport. how can i deal with it?

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You should use ksoap2 jar file.. And then use following code

SoapSerializationEnvelope envelope = new SoapSerializationEnvelope(SoapEnvelope.VER11);
envelope.dotNet = true;


HttpTransportSE httpTransport = new HttpTransportSE(SOAP_ADDRESS);
SoapObject response=null;
{, envelope);
response = (SoapObject) envelope.bodyIn;
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AndroidHttpTransport is deprecated...for more info on this change, check out this link:

You will see that there is also a solution to fix the code if it already exists in your project by this replacement:

AndroidHttpTransport ht = new AndroidHttpTransport(Address);, envelope);


HttpTransportSE ht = new HttpTransportSE(Address);, envelope);
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2nd line should be '' not '' – Fil Mar 31 at 17:11

You have to import ksoap2-android-assembly-2.4-jar-with-dependencies.jar. Then the error will remove.

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What do you mean by importing a jar file? Do you mean compile? A meaningless answer. – merve bıçakçı Mar 6 at 11:10

copy the jar file (ksoap2-android-assembly-2.6.5-jar-with-dependencies.jar) to lib folder and then refresh lib folder from eclipse

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