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I am attempting to use "Video For Everybody"/"PrettyPhoto", but have an issue in IE where the Flash fallback causes audio to keep playing after the video is closed/removed.

Has anyone experienced this or know how to solve the problem?


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I have solved this problem in all browser for pretty-photo video light-box plugin.

Here is solution:

e.prettyPhoto.close = function () {
         if ($pp_overlay.is(":animated")) return;
         $pp_pic_holder.stop().find("object,embed").css("visibility", "hidden");
         $pp_pic_holder.find("iframe").attr("src", "");

and code continue.......
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I was having this issue when prettyPhoto fails to stop video in IE browsers. I fixed it removing container not making it visible (by default) so in Close Function add this line: if($.browser.msie) {$pp_pic_holder.stop().find('object,embed,iframe').remove(); }

At line 479 you will find prettyPhoto.close function

$.prettyPhoto.close = function(e){
        if($pp_overlay.is(":animated")) return;
        if($.browser.msie)  {$pp_pic_holder.stop().find('object,embed,iframe').remove(); }

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This worked for me.

if ($.browser.msie) {
    $pp_pic_holder.stop().find("object,embed,iframe").attr("src", "");
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its work for me only upgrade the plugin to 3.1.5 and add rel=prettyphoto

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