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I have a class that has the following property:

public Action<bool> Action { get; private set; }

And I have a constructor that takes Action<bool> as an argument.

Now I want to add another constructor that accepts an object of type Action. How can I convert Action to Action<bool>? The bool-parameter should be true in this case.

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public class Foo
    public Foo(Action<bool> action)
        // Some existing constructor

    public Foo(Action action): this(x => action())
        // Your custom constructor taking an Action and 
        // calling the existing constructor

Now you could instantiate this class in 2 ways depending on which one of the 2 constructors you want to invoke:

  1. var foo = new Foo(x => { Console.WriteLine("Hello"); }); (calls the first ctor)
  2. var foo = new Foo(() => { Console.WriteLine("Hello"); }); (calls the second ctor)
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Action a = () => aboolaction(true);
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That is converting an Action<bool> to an Action. (He needs the opposite) – Servy Oct 8 '12 at 14:11
You're right, I read the question the other way (the original question was less clear than the one posted now). – Marco Mp Oct 8 '12 at 14:22

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