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I am using xCode for the first time - since 1986 I've used other IDE's (turboPascal, JBuilder, Eclipse, NetBeans, Tibco BW...) but to the uninitiated Xcode seems reach new levels of awkwardness.

Every time I access help e.g 'API documentation help' the documentation screen obscures all other windows. Presumably there is a magic key that dismisses the documentation screen and return me to the main project screen. (Like a back button in a browser). I've tried many key combinations.

Is there a magic key that always gets you back 'as you were'?

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You can set a shortcut to switch between the windows of the active app in System Preferences → Keyboard → Keyboard Shortcuts. I prefer Alt+Tab.

This will allow you to switch between the documentation and the editor window with a shortcut. You could also use Cmd+W to close the documentation window.

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Use command + ~ to alternate between views, this works in every app on macosx.

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