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I have a quick question that I just can't seem to figure out even though it should be straightforward.

I have an associative array of the following structure:

 [uk] => Array
            [TW] => 1588
            [LY] => 12936
            [LW] => 13643

I am displaying it in an HTML table as follows.

foreach ($leads as $country) {
    echo '<tr><td>' . $country . '</td><td>' . $country['TW'] . '</td><td>' . $country['LY'] . '</td><td>' . $country['LW'] . '</td></tr>';

but the country comes out as Array so I'm just wondering what I am doing wrong to get the uk part out.


Array   1588    12936   13643
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Try this foreach ($leads as $key=>$country) { echo '<tr><td>' . $key . '</td><td>' . $country['TW'] . '</td><td>' . $country['LY'] . '</td><td>' . $country['LW'] . '</td></tr>'; } – Jobin Jose Oct 8 '12 at 14:10
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Use something like:

foreach ($leads as $name => $country) {
    echo '<tr><td>' . $name. '</td><td>' . $country['TW'] . '</td><td>' . $country['LY'] . '</td><td>' . $country['LW'] . '</td></tr>';

Now, $name in the loop is the key (in this case 'uk') and $country is the value of the element, in this case the array (TW => 1588, LY => 12936, LW => 13643)

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If you want to get the key of the item you're looping through, you need to use a different foreach syntax:

foreach($leads as $code=>$country) {
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You need to extract the array key for each $country item. Add it to foreach.

foreach ($leads as $key => $country) {
echo '<tr><td>' . $key . '</td><td>' . $country['TW'] . '</td><td>' . $country['LY'] . '</td><td>' . $country['LW'] . '</td></tr>';
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