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I am totally a beginner and now trying to implement a simple search engine in python.

I doing the tokenizer well by used functions in NLTK. But I am now confused on storing the results of the tokenizer. I need to keep them for further indexing.

What's the common way to do this? What kind of database should I use?

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Introduction to Information Retrieval by Manning, Raghavan and Schütze devotes several chapters to index construction and storage; so does Modern Information Retrieval by Baeza-Yates and Ribeiro-Neto.

For a simple hobby/study project, though, SQLite will suffice for index storage. You need a table that holds (term, document-id, frequency) triples to compute tf and one that stores (term, df) pairs, both with an index on the terms; that's enough to compute tf-idf.

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Thanks for you tips! I accomplished it! –  cofthew7 Oct 31 '12 at 13:15

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