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I haven't used XPath much, so bear with me. I have an HTML file that contains two forms, each of which contains some input/select elements.

In [146]: len(doc.xpath('//input | //select'))
Out[146]: 14

In [147]: len(doc.xpath('//form'))
Out[147]: 2

Is there a way to loop through forms and find respective input / select elements? At the moment it returns all the elements twice.

In [149]: for e in doc.xpath('//form'):
     ...:     print len(e.xpath('//input | //select'))
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I dont know XPath integration in python, but I think you can try :

e.xpath('.//input | .//select')

in your for loop.

e is a node attached to the whole document. When you perform XPath on it, you should stay in this context. When you use //, you are in the document context.

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@ Vincent Biragnet -- Thank you, thats exactly what i was looking for. – root Oct 8 '12 at 14:36

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