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I've been using pyclewn for debugging in vim. It works quite well on gvim with ballooneval to show the values of variables but the problem is I'm mostly using vim in a terminal so that I can't use the balloon feature.

I have found this but it looks abondoned already and I couldn't make it work as there's no installation instructions. Does anyone know a way to use ballooneval in terminal vim?

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From documentation:

m +balloon_eval balloon-eval support. Included when compiling with
supported GUI (Motif, GTK, GUI) and either Netbeans/Sun Workshop integration or +eval feature.

It's not quite clear though, whether this imply that terminal mode does not support ballooneval at all (or it's available in terminal mode when GUI is compiled in), but there's no clues to do that in the documentation. So: it's highly unlikely that you can use ballooneval in the terminal mode without messing with the Vim sources.

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that's what I guess but I was hoping there could be a plugin to redirect balloonexpr to a preview window or autocomplete menu (or whatever it's called). – gokcehan Oct 8 '12 at 14:44
@gokcehan I've looked into the Vim sources, the file implementing +ballooneval is called src/gui_beval.c and the balloon painting goes through gui_* functions. – EarlGray Oct 8 '12 at 14:52
well I guess than it's not possible to use native balloons in terminal vim. I will leave the question open in case someone comes up with an hack. you've got my +1 though, thanks.. – gokcehan Oct 8 '12 at 15:19

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