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Is this guaranteed to be threadsafe/not produce unexpected results?

Interlocked.Increment(ref _arr[i]);

My intuition tells me this is not, i.e. reading the value in _arr[i] is not guaranteed to be 'atomic' with the actual incrementing.

If I am correct in thinking this is wrong, how can I fix this? Thanks.

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Who or what is reading the value in _arr[i]? This code doesn't read it, it increments it atomically because that's what Interlocked.Increment does. –  David Schwartz Oct 8 '12 at 14:33
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Assuming nothing changes i or _arr, that should be fine.

An array is regarded as a collection of variables; an interlocked increment should work fine regardless of what is happening to either that element or others in the same array.

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If something is asynchronously changing _arr or i then, I'd agree with you, no, the lookup _arr[i] is not necessarily atomic itself.

However, as Jon says, once you have identified an element of (some) _arr, it will be atomically incremented, independent of other actions happening in other elements of the array(s), or to further changes to _arr or i.

If _arr or i are being asynchronously changed, all references to them (both read and write) need to be inside a lock on a common object. (And then you can reduce the Interlocked.Increment to a simple ++.

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