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For my project, ppl can give an answer to a certain question they get. I perform userAnswer = etUserAnswer.getText().toString().toLowerCase(); on it and then compare it to a value that is stored in the SQL database.

But I was thinking that it is quite annoying for a user if the answer is just almost correct but if he has written 'kk' in a word instead of 'ck'. Therefor I am trying to create a system which checks if the answer is more or less correct and then returns the result of this. I searched the net but don't seem to find anything on this subject. I also don't know if such a system has a certain name in english?

Or.. maybe somebody knows a good tutorial or a good way to get started?

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You want something like the Levenshtein distance or the Hamming distance. – Joachim Sauer Oct 8 '12 at 14:31
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I guess you're looking for the string distance, for which you could e.g. use the Levenshtein Distance. For alternative metrics, see this question

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