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I'm trying display starred mails in Logger.

function viewStarred() {
  Logger.log( GmailApp.search('is:starred') );

but result in my Logger is this:

[GmailThread, GmailThread, GmailThread, GmailThread, .... GmailThread]

how can I display mail subjects? or content...

Here is my screen: here is my logger screen

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What you are seeing is behaviour as expected. If you see the documentation for GmailApp.search, you'll see that it returns an Array of GmailThread objects. Logger.log cannot print out a GmailThread array object directly

So, you have to a. Single out the GmailThread object you want to print b. Print specific information about a GmailThread (subject, sender etc.)

See example below

var threads = GmailApp.search('is:starred');
for (var i in threads){
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