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I have big assembly containing large number of tests. These tests are grouped under different namespaces. I tried running the test cases for a specific namespace from the nunit-console but no tests are run. This happens only for this assembly. It works in a sample test assembly i created for testing this.

What may be the reason? Is there any limitation?

The command line command i used is below

nunit-console.exe /noshadow /nothread /run:namespace Absolute_path_of_the_dll

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Based on the documentation, I'd expect you to use the /fixture argument:

The name specified after the /fixture option may be that of a TestFixture class, a legacy suite (using the Suite property ) or a namespace. If a namespace is given, then all fixtures under that namespace are run. This option may be used with Visual Studio or NUnit projects as well.


nunit-console /noshadow /nothread /fixture:Foo.Bar.Baz PathToAssembly.dll
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