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Private and Protected Members : C++

I don't understand the difference between protected and private members or methods, as I assumed both will hide the member or the function to access from outside the class.

What is the difference between the protected and the private keywords?

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private - only available to be accessed within the class that defines them.

protected - accessible in the class that defines them and in other classes which inherit from that class.

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Things that are private are only visible within the class itself.

Things that are protected are visible in the class itself and in subclasses.

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The difference is who can access those functions. Private = only members of the same class can access the function. Protected = Same as private but derived classes can also access.

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Private methods are usually visible to class instances (internal implementations), protected methods are visible to subclasses and classes in the same package (inheritance and restricted usage).

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Private members can only be used by that classes members and its friends; protected members can be inherited by other classes, and can be used by the classes members and friends.

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