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I'm using Play 2.0 with Scala and I'd like to extract some values that are stored in hidden fields.

The form in the controller:

    val recommendationForm: Form[Recommendation] = Form(
          "fromMail" -> email,
          "fromName" -> nonEmptyText(5, 30),
          "toMail" -> email,
          "toName" -> nonEmptyText(5, 30),
          "message" -> optional(text(0, 300)),
          "productGroupId" -> nonEmptyText(),
          "masterProductId" -> nonEmptyText()

def doRecommend = xyzAction {  implicit request =>
      errors => {
        errors.data.map(x => println(x))
        case (recommendation) => {

The Recommendation case class:

case class Recommendation(fromMail: String, fromName: String, toMail: String, toName: String, message: Option[String], productGroupId: String, masterProductId: String)


    @form(action = routes.Product.doRecommend) {

              <input type="hidden" value="@{(productGroup \ "@id").text}" />
              <input type="hidden" value="@{(currentMasterProduct \ "@id").text}" />

    @inputText(field = recommendationForm("fromName"),
                        '_label -> "",
                        'placeholder -> Messages("recommendation.from.name"),
                        '_showConstraints -> false,
                        'class -> "text ui-widget-content ui-corner-all"

some more fields...

Generated HTML of hidden field:

<input type="hidden" value="74.75.652">

But I'm unable to extract those two hidden fields from the errors. It only prints the other five ones. How can I extract the hidden ones?

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All I had to do was to give the input field a name attribute...

<input type="hidden" value="@{(productGroup \ "@id").text}" name="@recommendationForm("productGroupId").name" />
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