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I have an UpdatePanel containing a GridView which contains a button in the HeaderTemplate of a TemplateField. I want to add this button's click event to the UpdatePanel's trigger collection but this doesn't seem to work as I get an error message saying that a control with the specified ID could not be found.

I thought of programmatically adding to the UpdatePanel's trigger collection on page load but this doesn't seem to be possible.

Is there a work-around to this problem? I'd ideally like to keep my button within the header of the GridView.

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I've solved this by accessing the ScriptManager on the page instead of the UpdatePanel itself. I did this inside the Page_Load method. My code is as follows:

if (!Page.IsPostBack)
    Button button = GridView1.HeaderRow.FindControl("myHeaderButton") as Button;
    if (button != null)
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Sorry for the VB code. I don't have the ability to test this (and there is a chance that it is way off, and there is probably a better way to do it), but it should point you in the right direction:

Dim g As GridView = UpdatePanel1.FindControl(nameofgridview)
Dim Button As Button = g.HeaderRow.FindControl(nameofbutton)
Dim u As UpdatePanel = Page.FindControl(panelID)
Dim trigger As UpdatePanelControlTrigger
trigger.ControlID = Button
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Your suggestion doesn't work as UpdatePanelControlTrigger is an abstract class and can't actually be instantiated. – Matthew Dresser Aug 14 '09 at 15:43

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