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I am writing a small query(ORACLE) for my project to find the distance from a given latitude and longtitude to other latitude and longitude.

Below are the sample data that i used

 CREATE table test(id int, title varchar(50), place varchar(20),
 postcode varchar(20), latitude DOUBLE PRECISION, longitude DOUBLE

 INSERT INTO test VALUES(1,'sekhar91','kanigiri','91982',16.15074,

 INSERT INTO test VALUES(2,'sekhar91','kanigiri','91982',16.13725,

 INSERT INTO test VALUES(3,'sekhar91','kanigiri','91982',14.85633,

 INSERT INTO test VALUES(4,'sekhar91','kanigiri','91982',14.86949,

 INSERT INTO test VALUES(5,'sekhar91','kanigiri','91982',15.03118,

 INSERT INTO test VALUES(6,'sekhar91','kanigiri','91982',14.88924,

 INSERT INTO test VALUES(7,'sekhar91','kanigiri','91982',14.89500,

 INSERT INTO test VALUES(8,'sekhar91','kanigiri','91982',15.20031,

 INSERT INTO test VALUES(9,'sekhar91','kanigiri','91982',16.72662,

 INSERT INTO test VALUES(10,'sekhar91','kanigiri','91982',16.60005,

 INSERT INTO test VALUES(11,'sekhar91','kanigiri','91982',15.19196,

 INSERT INTO test VALUES(12,'sekhar91','kanigiri','91982',14.92331,

 INSERT INTO test VALUES(13,'sekhar91','kanigiri','91982',14.91637,

 INSERT INTO test VALUES(14,'sekhar91','kanigiri','91982',14.92279,

 INSERT INTO test VALUES(15,'sekhar91','kanigiri','91982',14.92331,

 INSERT INTO test VALUES(16,'sekhar91','kanigiri','91982',15.09882,

And the Sql Query tha i wrote is

      ((ACOS(SIN(16.15074 * 3.141592653 / 180) *
        SIN(latitude * 3.141592653 / 180) +  COS(16.15074 * 3.141592653 / 180
        ) * COS(latitude * 3.141592653 / 180)* COS((-22.74426 -
       longitude)*3.141592653 /180))*180/3.141592653)*60*1.1515)  as distance
 FROM test  
 HAVING distance<=100

While executing the above query Oracle is saying

ORA-06553: PLS-306: wrong number or types of arguments in call to 'OGC_DISTANCE'

What is the reason and where i am wrong ?

Any help will be greatly appreciated

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It appears the issue is with the HAVING clause, I removed the HAVING and placed your query in a subquery and put the WHERE outside with the filter and it works (See SQL Fiddle With Demo):

select *
  SELECT id, 
          SIN(16.15074 * 3.141592653 / 180) 
          * SIN(latitude * 3.141592653 / 180) 
          + COS(16.15074 * 3.141592653 / 180) 
          * COS(latitude * 3.141592653 / 180)
          * COS((-22.74426 - longitude)*3.141592653 /180))*180/3.141592653)*60*1.1515) as distance 
  FROM test
) x
where distance <= 100
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thank you very much for your reply, it works like a charm –  user964147 Oct 8 '12 at 15:19

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