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for data retrieval i need to use binary keyword for case sensitive search in mysql this is the query i want to make

    SELECT username FROM users 
WHERE  BINARY first_name LIKE 'eph%'
OR     BINARY last_name LIKE 'eph%'
OR      BINARY username LIKE 'eph%'

and this is the query i have made in cakephp without binary

$this->User->find('list', array(
            'fields' => array('User.username'),
            'conditions' => array("OR" => 
                            array("BINARY User.last_name LIKE" => $search_data."%","BINARY User.username LIKE" => $search_data."%",
                                    "BINARY User.first_name LIKE" => $search_data."%"))

can any 1 help me out making the binary query using cakephp api ....

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Ok ... you were almost there. You only need to put the Field in a bracket to tell CakePHP not to deal with the BINARY keyword as a field name

Believe this should work:

$this->User->find('list', array(
        'fields' => array('User.username'),
        'conditions' => array(
                       "OR" =>array(
                                "BINARY (`User`.`last_name`) LIKE" => $search_data."%",
                                "BINARY (`User`.`username`) LIKE" => $search_data."%",        
                                "BINARY (`User`.`first_name`) LIKE" => $search_data."%"))
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Thankyou very much Ayman working perfectly :) –  Shoaib Ahmed Khan Oct 9 '12 at 6:53
In my case (Cake 2.3), I also had to remove the space after BINARY, so Cake wouldn't escape the word. –  Ruben Mar 25 '13 at 22:37
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