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I'm developing an application on 9900 where both Trackball and touch screen are available.
In my application, I have a screen which contains two buttons, the strange behavior is that:
If I set the focus using the trackball to the second button, and then I touch any empty location in the screen, the change listener of the second button get fired ? I want nothing to happen if the user wrongly clicks empty space and doesn't touch the second button, how to do this ?

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Please post the code you use for this screen with two buttons. Thanks. –  Nate Oct 9 '12 at 1:06

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I solved it, for those who are interested, you may use this code in your Image button class:

private boolean isTouchOutside;

protected boolean touchEvent(TouchEvent message) {
    isTouchOutside = message.getX(1) < 0 || message.getX(1) > getWidth() || message.getY(1) < 0 || message.getY(1) > getHeight();
    return super.touchEvent(message); 

protected boolean navigationClick(int status, int time) {
    if(! isTouchOutside)
    return true;
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