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I'm working on C++ project. Because of some errors I got recommendation to set Properties > C/C++ > Advanced > Compile As and check Compile as C++ Code(/TP).

My project includes iniparser.c that has extension "C". What I want to know is whether my new settings (C++) can affect the compilation of my project, given that it contains a .c file (iniparser.c)?

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Since the answer is yes (see below), I would recommend not to follow the recommendation, but to fix the error you see when not using /TP. –  ElektroKraut Oct 8 '12 at 16:50

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Your question seems to be a possible duplicate of this one:

What issues can I expect compiling C code with a C++ compiler?

Without knowing the details of your problem, there a number of issues that have to be considered when compiling C code with a C++ compiler. See this link for more details: http://david.tribble.com/text/cdiffs.htm

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