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I have a flex mobile app which based upon a list of questions generates a set of controls depending on what kind of response is required, this is the input form.

The structure is

Group -----Hgroup -----------Question1, CheckBox, TextInput -----Hgroup -----------Question2, CheckBox, TextInput -----Hgroup -----------Question3, CheckBox, TextInput -----Hgroup -----------Question4, CheckBox, TextInput end group

How do I loop through the group in Actionscript, into the HGroup and return the value of, in this example, the checkbox and textInput?

I have numerous example of how to determine the control type in the container, just not how to retrieve the values.

Thanks in Advance

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Wouldn't it be much faster to directly address the controls instead of looping through the group elements with the need to cast every control? –  AlBirdie Oct 9 '12 at 10:02

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To loop and type check use:

for (var i:int; i < hGroup.numElements; i++) {
    var child:DisplayObject = hGroup.getElementAt(i);

    if (child is TextInput) {
        var textInput:TextInput = child as TextInput;
        // do your stuff
    else if (child is CheckBox) {
        var checkBox:CheckBox = child as CheckBox;
        // do your stuff
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Thanks Max. Just what I was after. –  Gavin Jones Oct 8 '12 at 18:06

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