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I have this strange issue that my git push origin master and cap deploy it not updating to the latest code and images on production server. I still have old images that I updated localy a long time ago and changes still not reflected.

  • Is there a way to reset a remote git repo and upload a clean latest version of your local to it?

  • Or other ways to debug, git status shows no untracked files so I really don't get where it goes wrong.

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This turned out to be an SSH timeout on cap deploy, wich I dident have noticed. Resulting in not all commits uploaded thus not seeing my latest commited changes. Had to upgrade ssh timeout on server.

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check your .gitignore file, you could have a line there ignoring these files or entire folders.

check your deploy.rb and multistage deploy files in /deploy folder to make sure that you are using correct branch (master)

When you update an image, commit, push to remote and do cap production deploy:pending do you see your commit listed there as pending deployment?

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thx for the post, but ive checked the gitignore there are no directory's listed, only a few normal excluded files –  Rubytastic Oct 8 '12 at 18:01

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