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While compiling mxml file ,I'm getting the following error.. Unable to locate specified base class mx.core.WindowedApplication

Its working for <mx:Apllication> But its not working for windowedApplication

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Are you using Flash Builder? Have you created an AIR project or a web project? If you're using the command line tools; are the AIR specific Flex libraries in your class path? – JeffryHouser Oct 9 '12 at 2:55 :: I am using command line tools,Yes i have all the things in my classpath.And now it works for me,Please find my solution below ..Thank you :) – Naju Oct 9 '12 at 10:42

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Well, there’s nothing wrong with your Flex SDK / AIR installation it just your probably using: mxmlc when you should be using: amxmlc

The first command ‘mxmlc’ is to compile the MXML to SWF, whereas the second ‘amxmlc’ is to compile the MXML to the AIR App platform.

Hope this helps!

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I suspect this is probably a solution; however I think it represents an incomplete understanding of what goes on. If you check the bin folder of your Flex SDK installation, there is a bat file named amxmlc. All that does is launch mxmlc with a different profile. ( AKA +configname=air ). That profile tells MXMLC to compile the app using the frameworks/air-config.xml file instead of the frameworks/flex-config.xml file. I suspect the source of the problem is compiling the app that uses classes which do not exist in the library path. – JeffryHouser Oct 9 '12 at 3:45

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