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I have a sequence of letters and want to find all combinations of letters possible by cutting off the letters around a certain letter.

C is my special letter here and X can be anything, so with a sequence:


So all the possible combinations would be:


Is there a python function for this, or should I code it from scratch?

Thank you

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I would have coded it from scratch like this:

def cuts(s,i): 
   return [ s[a:b] for a in range(i+1) for b in range(i+1,len(s)+1)]

where s is the string and i is the index of your "special letter" in s. Example:

>>> cuts('XCXX', 1)
['XC', 'XCX', 'XCXX', 'C', 'CX', 'CXX']
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Try counting the number of elements before and after your special element C. Then your combinations are uniquely defined by those two numbers, and you can just use string slicing to get a specific one.

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No, but you could do it as a one-liner.

data = "XCXX"
cIndex = data.index("C")
permutations = [data[i:j+1] for i in range(cIndex+1) 
        for j in range(cIndex, len(data))]
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