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Heres the issue. I have an an ajax function that is just checking if an email that a user inputs is already used.

The php script that it uses either sends back "true" or "false" strings depending on the result. When i get the response text back, or the "data" variable in the below function, and see if its == to "true" it never passes and always evaluates to false.

This is odd, because when I have printed out the data variable on screen it shows as "true" when it should, but its just not being shown as equal to "true" in the if statement. No idea what is happening here.


function check_email() {
  var email = document.sign_up_form.email_first.value;
  document.getElementById("email1").innerHTML = ' <img src="loading.gif" width="15">';
        type: "GET",
        url: "java_check_email.php",
        data: "email="+email,
        success: function(data){
              if(data == "true"){
              document.getElementById("email1").innerHTML = ' <img src="check.png" width="15">';
              document.getElementById("email4").innerHTML = '';  
              else {
              document.getElementById("email1").innerHTML = ' <img src="xmark.png" width="15">';
              document.getElementById("email4").innerHTML = 'Email is already in use<br>';    



PHP script looks like this


$email = $_GET['email'];

$query_check = "removed for obvious reasons...";

$result_check = mysql_query($query_check);

if(mysql_num_rows($result_check) == 0){
echo 'true';
echo 'false';


Also, after calling console.log(data) when the ajax response is received i got a value of "true" in the js console.....

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What does the php look like and what does console.log(data); give you? – jeroen Oct 8 '12 at 16:40
are you sure data is actually a string? are you doing echo "true"; in your php script or echo true;? – Ignas Oct 8 '12 at 16:41
For debugging, try if (data.replace(/\s+/g, '') == "true") {. My money is on whitespace outside the <?php ?> tags. Also if you want to return a boolean to JS you should simply echo 1 or 0, so you can just do if (data) { (but you'll still need to sort out the whitespace issue before this will work) – DaveRandom Oct 8 '12 at 16:41
Following your edit, make sure the < of the opening <?php tag is the very first character in the file, also make sure that if your editor uses UTF-8, it is set to use UTF-8 without BOM. Remove the closing ?> tag completely as it is not required. – DaveRandom Oct 8 '12 at 16:47
Try adding cache:false to your ajax request options. Your XHR might be cached by browser with old value. – Inferpse Oct 8 '12 at 16:48
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For debugging, try

if (data.replace(/\s+/g, '') == "true") { money is on whitespace outside the <?php ?> tags. Note that if this solves the problem it should not considered the solution - the real solution is to remove the additional whitespace from the PHP script.

The < of the opening <?php tag should be the very first character in the file. For example:

          This empty line will be output directly
^^^^ This whitespace will be output directly

Note also that the closing ?> tag is often unnecessary (as it seems to be in this case) and omitting it completely can help avoid problems like this.

If you want to return a boolean to JS you should simply echo 1 or 0, so you can just do this in the receiving Javascript:

if (data) {
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I know this is old but I've had the exact same problem and couldn't fix it. I am realy sure it wasn't a white-space issue but I was able to solve it in a different way. Maybe it's not the best way (I still want to know why it doesnt work in the usual way), but what I did was echo a 0 (for false) and a 1 (for true)

Then I parsed the data to an Integer, so my code looks like this:

        var result = parseInt(data);
        if (result === 1){
        } else {
            $('#loginresult').html('NOT OK');

I hope I can help anyone with this workaround (but a good solution would be better)

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