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I am having trouble understanding the Data Transfer Out pricing part of Amazon S3 costs

Their FAQ talk about how to calculate it but I am not able to understand the difference between Data transfer out and Requests* pricing..

Isn't Data transfer out the same as requests? The page also talks about Data transfer In being free for EU and then proceeds to explain the costs for Put requests

Sorry for this off topic question, I checked the FAQ on SuperUser, Programmers, ServerFault and WebMasters - none of them looked like a good place for this question (and If I'm going to ask an out-of-topic question, I thought I'd at least pick a place where I am comfortable being wrong)

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The Data transfer out is the number of bytes transmitted, whereas the requests refer to the number of distinct requests. You normally make one request per download, but you can transfer several megabytes afterwards.

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I see, so I pay twice if I want to get, say, an image? once for the request itself, and once for the size of the picture.. okay, that makes a sense now.. thanks! – LocustHorde Oct 8 '12 at 17:10

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