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I am a SharePoint novice who is responsible for maintaining several sites.

Recently, to organize a document library I opened it in Windows Explorer mode to drag and drop files. I do this frequently. I think I was moving too fast and inadvertently clicked something by mistake. A dialog box popped up asking about hiding Webparts. I think I clicked Yes.

I accidently hid the document library Webpart. So I went in to Re-Add the WebPart to my page. But now the Webpart appears twice on my page. Only 1 Webpart is added, but two show up. I removed the WebPart I added and closed the editor. The document library still shows up even with no WebParts on the page!

This "phantom" library/webpart does not have a full menu bar or a View drop down and I am unable to add them because there is no WebPart associated with the library to go in and modify! I need a full menu bar - otherwise I would leave it as-is.

I re-added the document library WebPart again and when I close out not only do I see the two webparts, but the Quick Launch shows two links with the same name! I have to ask it to hide the link on the WebPart I have access to so only one link will appear.

Does anyone know what going on?

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If you add ?contents=1 to the end of your page URL then SharePoint will display a 'maintenance style' list of all web parts on the page (including those closed). From here you can delete any that are causing a problem.

Once they're all cleaned up, add back the web part you need and it should behave normally.

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+1 Make sure to DELETE it, not CLOSE it, otherwise it will still remain on the page (invisible, but still) – Colin Aug 14 '09 at 23:49

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