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Our google apps account had two domains - a primary (abc.com) and an alias(def.com). We created an appengine app using @def.com. We later realized that there were issues with mapping a custom domain to an alias/secondary domain. So we created a new google apps account for def.com and in order to do that, we deleted all users and nicknames associated with def.com. Now, we're locked out of appengine - we have this problem)

Can't get in using any user account from either domain, although the same app appears as a linked app in both google apps admin accounts. We can't remove the app from our google apps accounts (we get a message saying we have insufficient permissions. We get that the app was linked to the deleted account. But now that we have a new domain, why can't we create new apps? Google doesn't seem to be of any help (both the Co and the search). Anybody know a solution to this?

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Have you tried Google Apps support? See the support option of Google Apps. I think you need a payed version to contact them. –  voscausa Oct 8 '12 at 18:04
google folks recommend you post questions on SO with this tag. quite obviously that isn't enough. problem solved though. created a new email id from the same domain. –  Vivek Durai Oct 17 '12 at 17:02

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