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I want to style a wtform field through a custom widget but the rendering keeps returning raw html code (with ampersands). Why?

this is my widget:

def my_widget(field, **kwargs):
    field_id = kwargs.pop('id',
    html = [u'<input class="my_class" %s value="" type="text">' % html_params(id=field_id, name=field_id)]
    return u''.join(html)
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You need to tell than string should be rendered as is without escaping HTML:

from wtforms.widget.core import HTMLString

def my_widget(field, **kwargs):
    return HTMLString(u''.join(html))
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For anyone reading this, I had to do: from wtforms.widgets.core import HTMLString there was probably a renaming somewhere along the line. – leed25d Oct 30 '14 at 19:26

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