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I want to index an integer field on nodes in a large database (~20 million nodes). The behavior I would expect to work is as follows:

HashMap<String, Object> properties = new HashMap<String, Object>();

// Add node to graph (inserter is an instance of BatchInserter)
properties.put("id", 1000);
long node = inserter.createNode(properties);

// Add index 
index.add(node, properties);

// Retrieve node by index. RETURNS NULL!
IndexHits<Node> hits = index.query("id", 1000);

I add the key-value pair to the index and then query by it. Sadly, this doesn't work.

My current hackish workaround is to use a Lucene object and query by range:

// Add index 
properties.put("id", ValueContext.numeric(1000).indexNumeric());
index.add(node, properties);

// Retrieve node by index. This still returns null
IndexHits<Node> hits = index.query("id", 1000);

// However, this version works
hits = index.query(QueryContext.numericRange("id", 1000, 1000, true, true));

This is perfectly functional, but the range query is really dumb. Is there a way to run exact integer queries without this QueryContext.numericRange mess?

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The index lookup you require is an exact match, not a query.

Try replacing index.query("id", 1000) with index.get("id", 1000)

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This works if you do away with the ValueContext object. You lose the ability to query by range, but that is irrelevant in my case. Thanks! – PattimusPrime Oct 10 '12 at 19:59

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