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I'm trying compile the lastest WebRTC version for iPhone. I not need to compile the entire solution, I only need to compile the VAD module.

To do that, I have created a Xcode project and I have tried to compile the source necessary, but I have a problem with the *.s files and its assembler.

Like in the FFMPEG library, I know that I must "translate" the assembler code to an assembler code that the gcc for iPhone understand, but I don't know how I do this manually.

I have tried to create a configure file and set in it "as=gas-preprocessor.pl" (like in FFMPEG), but does not work.

Any idea? How do I run the gas-preprocessor.pl manually?


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try to check this link https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups=#!topic/discuss-webrtc/VJg-fk2-i_0 i believe you have to set inline assembly correctly. I am also onto this so let me know if you want to switch emails or something.

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I'm just finishing it on iOS and has built standalone static libraries of NS/VAD/AECM and AGC, here's some tips for you, and hope you success:

1. Source File List

for standalone VAD build, you should make sure your project has all of these files(no .s file needed), and I'm not listed the header files here, you will get some header file can not be found errors, just fixing it and things will be done.)


2. Adding a macro called WEBRTC_MAC

I'm not sure why the Xcode environment does not provide this macro, but it should be defined to ensure that WEBRTC_POSIX is enabled. To define this macro, adding it to a new header file or just define it in the webrtc-header-files.

3. Following these steps to build and setup a static library of WebRTC-VAD module on iOS

notice, do not use LLVM 2.0 to compile the VAD module(use GCC or LLVM GCC). cus' it can throw you lots of errors when compiling some webrtc variable declarations.

4. Using the libwebrtc_vad.a

if you got this far, things are easy to go, just include webrtc_vad.h and using the API provided by this module. and vad is working fine in my case.

hope i helped.

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