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I'm using pre-build binary exe of tcsh on Windows.

I'm trying to write some clojure script. like this:

#!/usr/bin/env java clojure.main

(prn "Hello World!\n")

first I try to direct run it in tcsh:

# cat test
#!/usr/bin/env java clojure.main

(prn "Hello World\n")
# ./test

no lucky: a "choose correct program to open this file" window occurs, but not execute it.

I'm trying to add +x mod to it:

# chmod +x test
# ls-F -l test
-rwxr-xr-x    1 SW       Administ       59 Oct  9 01:25 test*
# ./test

still the same :(

the question is:

  • Does the pre-build version of tcsh on Windows support hashbang?
  • If so, how to make it execute the file with hashbang?

Thx for a lot :-)

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May I suggest instead compiling your program as an uberjar? A jar can be executed by name just as you would your wrapper script, but this way you don't need the extra wrapper.

Download the latest version of leiningen and create a project $ lein new foo and then go into the directory. When you are in the process of developing your code you'll probably want to use a repl ($ lein repl), or call $ lein run to run it from the command line.

Edit src/foo/core.clj: add a gen-class for AOT compilation, and a main function.

(ns foo.core

(defn -main [& [a]]
  (println (format "Hello, %s World!" a)))

Edit project.clj and make this the main class:

(defproject foo "0.0.1"
  :description "FIXME: write description"
  :dependencies [[org.clojure/clojure "1.4.0"]]
  :main foo.core)

Now compile the uberjar and make it executable:

$ lein do clean, compile, uberjar ; chmod +x ./target/foo-0.0.1-standalone.jar

The executable jar is in the target/ directory, which you can now call by name like any other executable:

$ cd target
$ mv foo-0.0.1-standalone.jar foo
$ ./foo crazy
Hello, crazy World!
$ ./foo
Hello, null World!

Other Approaches

Leiningen w/ shebang

Use leiningen shebang-style http://charsequence.blogspot.com/2012/04/scripting-clojure-with-leiningen-2.html

ClojureScript + V8 -> js w/ shebang

Clojure is not really the best choice for command-line scripting, because of JVM warm up time. ClojureScript + V8 engine was put forward (at the inaugural announcement of ClojureScript by Rich Hickey) as a better solution for scripting. Here is blog article with a detailed example http://mmcgrana.github.com/2011/09/clojurescript-nodejs.html And here is a StackOverflow answer showing how to use node in a shebang: Is it possible to run Node.js scripts without invoking `node`?

However since your goal seems to be to have no compile step, you may want to write a script that you will use in your shebang that builds the js from cljs before running it. In this case, you will again have the same JVM start-up time issue, so you may be better off with Debasish's simpler approach linked above.

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But a jar can not modify easily. My original idea is using clojure as a script language, such as using its source code as a single executable file. but thank you all the same as to create a clojure project and to compile it to jar is another subject I want to know. Thank you :-) –  StarWing Oct 9 '12 at 10:12
I updated my answer with some additional ideas. –  rplevy Oct 9 '12 at 15:16

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