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I want to upload files and a few hidden fields to server using jQuery iframe-transport plugin.


I have form on the page, that contains inputs with type 'file' and 'hidden'. I use code:

$("#fileupload").submit(function() {
    var data = $(":hidden", this).serializeArray();
    $.ajax(this.action, {
        data: data,
        processData: false,
        files: $(":file", this),
        iframe: true
    }).complete(function(data) {
    return false;

Variable 'data' contains:

[ { name: "description_0", value: "111"}, { name: "description_1", value: "222"}]

Files are sent to server, but data is not. I see information about files in Post tab in Firebug. There is no data info.

Can someone explain, why data info is not sent?

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try with serialize form, and the input's with type "file" don't send: "Data from file select elements is not serialized".

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