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I'm trying to list directories recrusively in PHP using the RecursiveDirectoryIterator and RecursiveIteratorIterator, but the thing is, i need to ignore some directories and files within..

This is what i have so far..

// Define here the directory you have platform installed.
$path = 'testing';

// List of directories / files to be ignored.
$ignore_new = array(
# Directories

# Files

$ite = new RecursiveDirectoryIterator($path, FilesystemIterator::SKIP_DOTS);
foreach (new RecursiveIteratorIterator($ite) as $filename => $object)
    echo $filename . '<br />';

I've tried different ways to check if the directory/file is in the array, but or it doesn't work, or the directory is not ignored completly...

This an example of the directory structure

testing\.git\files & directories

Is this possible, or i need to use the old fashion way to recursive list directories/files in PHP ?

Thanks !

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You should always use Full Path since you are combining file and folder

$path = __DIR__;

// List of directories / files to be ignored.
$ignoreDir = array('1.MOV.xml','.git','testing/dir1','testing/dir2','testing/dir3','testing/dir8','public');

 * Quick patch to add full path to Ignore
$ignoreDir = array_map(function ($var) use($path) {
    return $path . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . $var;
}, $ignoreDir);

$ite = new RecursiveDirectoryIterator($path, FilesystemIterator::SKIP_DOTS);
foreach ( new RecursiveIteratorIterator($ite) as $filename => $object ) {

    if (in_array($filename, $ignoreDir))

    echo $filename . '<br />';
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Thanks but for directories they are still showing up.. –  Bruno Gaspar Oct 8 '12 at 18:07

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