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I want to develop real applications/web applications/mobile apps but everytime I try to learn a new language pertaining to the goal (Python, Ruby, C#), I end up simply learning syntax over and over again and never figuring out how to actually start developing apps. What can I do to get over this rut?

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There is no escaping that step (learning a language's syntax). Furthermore, every language has its own paradigms, its own idioms. And even if solving a problem or designing an application is to some extent language-neutral, fleshing out your design/solution is language dependent. And the more you learn and master the language, the more it shapes the way you think about your solution. So you need you to know the ins and outs of the language to be efficient at it. Of course, the syntax is only the first step. But you don't have to learn it in dry way, and as Anshu said, the best way to learn is by developing, designing real-purpose applications, which will expose you to practical use-cases prompting the need to learn whatever feature the languages offers and intrinsically its syntax and idioms.

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This is a good question, the best way is to start developing applications.

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As my personal experience, to build a app...first of all you have to choose technology carefully( it may be new), and then you have to plan your development (analysis and design ) then start coding and as problems come along, keep googleing or study that technology to solve that problem and focus should be on the problem not on the technology syntax. Once you are done with your problem, in future when you will be comfortable, you can review the code and enhance it. But as usual it will take time.

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Come up with a design for a web application. For example, a graphing calculator.

Then, pick one language, and use that language to implement your idea.

In the process you may find some syntax you need to learn more about, but you are working toward a goal, rather than just drifting aimlessly about.

The graphing calculator is nice as there are many ways you can take it, if you want the graph to be interactive, for example, or just type in an equation and have it just graph it.

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