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I'm now using a free trial Azure account.

I have a question that when I convert into a subscription after free trial, How to set a max spending limit $ amount or Spending CAP, for example 10$ per day or 200$ per month? If it reach this max $ amount, it can just automatically shut off or temporary disable my site in order to prevent some evil attack or unexpected usage to my Azure sites causing a large charge billing of my Credit Card.

Nowadays azure only support free trial Spending Limit to 0$ and cannot change this 0$ amount to other $ amount:

I have raised a request to the Azure Support, and get a reply that they have no information whether this feature will be available in the future. And I searched a lot, there are many people concern this problem too:

Can I set a cap on costs in Windows Azure?

Is this feauture in the roadmap of Azure development?

Is it possiable to set a max spending limit $amount of my VISA Credit Card at the bank?

For example, if my Credit Card limits itself a max spending $amount, can Azure charge me exceed the Credit Card'limit?


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Windows Azure subscription comes with certain capacity depend on subscription type. For example free subscriptions have limited resources and going beyond resources limit the subscription will be disabled. With regular subscription you have limited cores (you can request them to a higher limit) but most of other resources are open for as much as you can use. There are certain limitation on SQL Database, Cache, Services Bus & ACS depend on account limit you have selected.

Currently there is no way you can setup capacity limit on Windows Azure Account. You can not set Windows Azure to use under or equal X amount. About new features and future plans are not something can be discussed in a forum. Such kind of information is made public when it is appropriate to share as if needed. If this is something important for you and you want to be added as feature, you can log your idea here and your voice will be heard.

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Is this answer still valid ? – NoobDeveloper Dec 22 '14 at 11:54
This is from january 2014:… ["The spending limit feature is only available for certain kinds of accounts "] – timtos Feb 1 '15 at 20:38
Absolutely right because of that we wrote our own tool to control the different spending limits for the different departments. As we learned there are more people having the same problem we opened it for everybody: – dei79 Feb 21 at 10:26

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