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I have implemented a LAN game and test on same computer by : create a class, create a server and a client in different thread in this class and connect together.

After I close two windows (client and server) and I do above step again : run java class, create a server and a client. I always meet this error : (because this port has been created before and hasn't closed yet).

Every time I create server socket, in catch, I always put serverSocket.close(). but that error still met with me. Please give me some ideas to prevent this.

@ : and if we know one port has been created, can we close it, and make new ones ?

Thanks :)

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Anything put in a catch block isn't run unless an Exception is caught. Instead, put the close() call in a finally block to ensure it is always run.

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You should put serverSocket.close() in your finally block and maybe wait a few seconds before trying to bind to that address again.

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After calling close() on channel could be not enough. See explanation here: The TCP connection could stay in CLOSE-WAIT or TIME-WAIT state. You can play with reusing the address (SO_REUSEADDR), but it didn't work for me. The best is to wait exactly the timeout which is set for CLOSE-WAIT or TIME-WAIT on network level.

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