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This is my root check code. If does not pass don't run the script as you need root. Not sure as to what is going wrong here:

if [ "whoami &2>/dev/null" != "root" ] && [ "id -un &2>/dev/null" != "root" ] ; then
    $BIN_ECHO " must be root to run this script "
    exit 1
    $BIN_ECHO -e " permission check passed "

after running i get:

must be root to run this script
[root@localhost ~]# whoami
[root@localhost ~]# id -un
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You're comparing the strings containing the commands to "root". This is not what you want.

if [ "$(whoami &2>/dev/null)" != "root" ] && ...
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"whoami" is a string of characters.

`whoami` is the output of a command.

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"whoami &2>/dev/null" and "id -un &2>/dev/null" are just strings, they are not running the commands. Use: "$(whoami &2>/dev/null)" and "$(id -un &2>/dev/null)" instead.

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