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I have a console program (C#) that I've built and want to run on Amazon EC2 (Windows). The good part is that the program runs absolutely fine. The problem is that I have to be logged in via Remote Desktop for the console program to continue processing. I have tried leaving the user logged in (just close via the X close) but that was to no avail.

The program is an infinite loop that should just keep processing forever. How can I get the program to run even while not RD'ed in?

Little extra info: I've installed the program in the default (one-click install) way.


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You can use Windows Task Scheduler to run a console program when you are not logged in.



Note that Windows Task Scheduler would have to initiate the program. That does not allow you to interactively start a console program as an interactive user (i.e. from your RDP session) and then keep it running.

Alternatively, it is fairly straightforward to transform a console program into a windows service.

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Decided to re-create the program as a Windows service, fairly trivial change. Thanks for the input! –  David Archer Oct 8 '12 at 23:08

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