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how to convert series of jpegs to flv using imagemagik and php?

Is it even possible to convert a batch of JPEG images into Flash video?

If so, any recommendations on how would I start on it?

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Yeah, take a look at FFMPEG. –  Brad Oct 8 '12 at 19:55

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You can use SWFBitmap to import image to a Movie Using PHP Ming Function to [SWFMovie]


$img = new SWFBitmap(file_get_contents('test.jpg'));

$s = new SWFShape();
$imgf = $s->addFill($img);
$s->movePenTo(0, 0);
$s->drawLineTo($img->getWidth(), 0);
$s->drawLineTo($img->getWidth(), $img->getHeight());
$s->drawLineTo(0, $img->getHeight());
$s->drawLineTo(0, 0);

$m = new SWFMovie();
$m->setDimension($img->getWidth() * 2, $img->getHeight() * 2);
$is = $m->add($s);
$is->moveTo($img->getWidth() / 2, $img->getHeight() / 2);

for($i = 0; $i < 10; $i ++) {
    $is->skewy(- 0.03);


Image Slide Show

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