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I'm creating a game using the AndEngine library and I would like some animation to occur on game startup. Right now, I do this in the onGameResume() method :

public synchronized void onResumeGame() 
     if (started==false)
         started = true;

On a powerful device (ex.: Samsung Galaxy S), this runs just fine. On a lesser device (ex.: Samsung Galaxy mini 2) the animation is already finished when the game appears on screen.

So my question is, when is andengine really ready for executing animations?

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how I did startup animations was

  1. added a scene changer that calls onAttached() for every scene when attached [I thought it'd do that automatically but apparently it didn't]
  2. have each scene that needs an entrance animation override the onAttached() method and do it's animation there

the scene changer should change the current scene first then call onAttached() , that should do it

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