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I'm trying to insert an image into my project. I wrote the following code:

void MainWindow::on_Layer_Updated(int arg1)
    if(ui->scrnCheck1->checkState() == Qt::Checked && ui->insCheck1->checkState() == Qt::Checked && ui->scrnCheck2->checkState() == Qt::Checked && ui->sheathCheck1->checkState() == Qt::Checked
            && ui->insCheck3->checkState() == Qt::Checked && ui->concentricCheck2->checkState() == Qt::Checked && ui->insCheck2->checkState() == Qt::Checked && ui->armorCheck->checkState() == Qt::Checked
            && ui->jacketCheck->checkState() == Qt::Checked)
        QImage image;

        ui->frame_10->setMinimumHeight(image.size().height() + 20);
        ui->groupBox_3->setMinimumHeight(ui->frame_10->size().height() + 20);

When I'm running the program the image is getting popped up but the size of the image is large that it is overlapping with another grid. So I reduced the image view->height size in mainwindow.ui. Then only half of the image is displayed. How can I adjust the image so that it will not overlap with the other grid?

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You can just create a QPixmap directly with QPixmap(":image"), instead of a QImage and converting it. And also have you tried setting the QLabel->setScaledContents(true)? –  jdi Oct 8 '12 at 20:34

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If you end up with overlapping widgets, it means you didn't set up a layout for your main widget, or for any container widget inside it. Layouts prevent widgets from overlapping.

To reduce the size of the image, use QImage::scaled() or QPixmap::scaled().

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